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Wednesday May 8th, 2024 -- Regular meeting of the Northern Chiefs.
This meeting to be held at Ridge Fire Company, Chester County Station #62
Dinner 1815-1900 Hours - Meeting 1900 Hours

This is the "Apparatus" meeting! Bring piece(s) to show!
This is the "Meet the Politician" meeting! Bring your questions!

Fire Death Training 04/05/24 {PDF 629KB}
Fire Death Training Registration Form {PDF 302KB}
{Posted: 03/13/2024}

ISO Training 03/28/2024 {PDF 214KB}
{Posted: 03/13/2024}

March 13th Agenda {PDF 217KB}

January 10th 2024 Minutes {PDF 272KB}

Advisory Board Notes March 7th 2024 {PDF 208KB}

Advisory Board Notes February 1st 2024 {PDF 202KB}

Meeting Attendance 2024 {As of 01/10/2024} {PDF 155KB}

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